Indonesian Traditional Batik


Alhamdulillaah, i’ve bought batik equipments (canting, malam -parafin- , stove and mini pan) few months ago from my friend who has family in Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah.  After hard work looking for its dye, which is called “obat batik” and dissapointed for not getting it, finally i push my self to use hot dyeing (but simply not to boil it, just fix it with cold water and soak the fabric  for an hour). And let’s start the Batik Project  ^^

I’ll show you how to use this Batik Equipment.

First of all, you have to heat malam in a mini pan to melt it.

you can make a sketch to your pabric using pencil and use bidangan to hold your pabric :

Take a scoup of melted malam with your canting, and trace your pencil sketch with it. Repeat it again until you finish all the line of the sketch.

This is the finished one :

After that, you can soak your pabrics into cold- dye clothing for an hour. To clear up the malam, you have to soak it into boiling water for several times. And hanging it to dry it. Well, its pretty, isn’t it? ^^

These are the pictures of  my children’s batik. Actually, its quite dangerous for children to make this Batik according the hot wax (malam) that we used. But simply it is much fun either..

Batik Ibrohim

Batik Ahmad

Batik Aliyyah


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